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In 1989, after a windblown, bug-ridden ride to Sturgis, the founder of WindVest, Norm Dober, had a dilemma. He wasn’t happy with the way windshields looked and performed. So he decided to build his own.  Fashioned from a windshield rescued from a friend's garage, he began to "tweak".                                         

After years of fine-tuning the windshield in his garage, the first WindVest was created, and the legend began.

Parts were built by a local machinist and then polished in a spare bedroom. The fledgling company was the talk of the neighborhood as customers began rolling in and the UPS truck appeared on an almost daily basis. As with so many small beginnings WindVest moved out of the garage and has never looked back.

Over the years, that one WindVest, grew into many, and WindVest Motorcycle Products now sells its sport windshields throughout the world. Although WindVest is the leader in performance windscreens, the spirit born from Norm’s garage lives on there today.

Today, WindVest is making inroads in other areas of motorcycle windshields with its line of WideBody performance windscreens for Harley-Davidson and metric cruisers. More than a decade after the original WindVest made it’s debut, the company’s goal remains the same – to continue offering the best high performance motorcycle windscreens with unparalleled customer service, year after year.