About Us


WindVest began as a garage idea starting in 1989 when the founder, Norm Dober took a long windblown, bug ridden ride to Sturgis, SD. Determined not to return to California without some protection he was given an old beat up sort of windshield found in a friend’s garage in Spearfish, SD. He was able to fashion it on the handlebars and with many adjustment stops on the road made it back to California mostly bug-free and a lot less windblown.

 Norm “tweaked” with it for the next seven years until one day a friend said, “Hey, can you build me one of those?” Then another friend and another friend until he decided it might be a marketable product. With his entrepreneurial spirit, his wife and son, Doug assisting, the WindVest began to take shape. The hardware was designed and built by a local machinist and parts were polished in a spare bedroom. A plastics company was located to mold the windshield. The operation was the talk of the neighborhood as customers began rolling in and the UPS truck appeared on an almost daily basis.

 As with so many small beginnings WindVest moved out of the garage and has never looked back.

 Now as WindVest Motorcycle Products the company builds and ships to the far corners of the world. Continuously researching and developing new screens and other products that are of the highest quality the company strives to maintain its reputation as the best built sport windshield and the most customer oriented company in the motorcycle industry.

Doug Dober is the president and head of Research and Development.  Tami Dober is the CFO and oversees all daily operations of the company.   They are the proud second generation of WindVest  With a staff of assemblers, office personnel, sales people and shippers the customers are taken care of correctly and in a timely manner.