Choosing the best color tint for your motorcycle windshield

Choosing the best color tint for your motorcycle windshield

Posted by WindVest Motorcycle Windshields Team on Dec 23rd 2023

Wondering which color tint to get for your bike? Though this question matters more if you’re looking through the windshield, we say it’s more dependent on your motorcycle, riding style, and preference.

Our clear windshield is the most discreet, but again, it is not designed for you to look through as our windscreens work 3 to 4 inches taller than they are. When taken care of properly, it will never get milky or cloudy and small scratches can be buffed out.

Our smoke, or light smoke tint is 90% transparent and is designed to reduce glare and match the subtle style of certain bikes, but again, isn’t meant to be used as sunglasses because you will be looking over it. Another added advantage brought to our attention by @BadLsx Garage is that if you do any recording, moto-vlogging, or vlogging in general, your GoPro or other video recording device can film through this with much more clarity than the darker tint.

The dark smoke, or gun smoke lineup goes best with blacked-out bikes to complement the stealth style and look like a part of the motorcycle. These are about 50% transparent and are meant to blend in with your bike, while you look over the top of them from your most comfortable riding position.

Much like altering the size and shape, we do not recommend tinting a clear motorcycle windshield. Doing so places the color on the outer surface, like a coating, rather than integrating it into the material and can therefore ‘chip.’ It can also erode over time, become damaged, or not stand up well to light scratches or UV rays. It can also degrade the quality of the material, depending on which tint product you use.

WindVest Motorcycle Windshields, designed with integrated color, come in three different shades, offer easy cleaning and repair options, and with minimal upkeep, can last for years.

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