How motorcycle windshields work

How motorcycle windshields work

Posted by WindVest Motorcycle Windshields Team on Dec 23rd 2023

While motorcycle windshields have been around forever, advancements in technology have greatly increased the benefits and improved the design and function of windshields, transforming the bulky hunks of plastic into sleek performance enhancers.

Motorcycle windshields are designed to mitigate wind buffeting, which refers to the turbulence and erratic airflow experienced by riders at high speeds. The best motorcycle windshields tunnel air around you, which prevents it from hitting your head and chest. Essentially, they create a pocket of protection that minimizes buffeting and decreases wind noise.

The goal is to create a smoother, more controlled stream of air around the rider, creating a nice ‘pocket’ in which the biker still feels the wind, but is more likened to ‘riding in a car with the top down.’

WindVest Motorcycle Windshields, designed to work about 3 to 4 inches taller than they are, redirect the wind over the rider's head avoiding the need for the rider to look through it. This not only provides a clearer field of vision but also minimizes distortion that may occur when looking through the screen.

Optimal wind deflection is achieved through a flat surface with carefully crafted depth contours that guide the air smoothly away from the rider's helmet and upper body, reducing drag.

Even though the windshield or windscreen is below eye level, the unique flip at the top of our durable and aerodynamically advanced windshields deflects and guides airflow, precipitation, and other potentially harmful elements up and over the screen to protect the rider. It also contributes to reducing helmet lift, and sunglasses and eyeglasses jiggling, a common issue at high speeds.

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