How to clean and take care of your motorcycle windshield

How to clean and take care of your motorcycle windshield

Posted by WindVest Motorcycle Windshields Team on Dec 23rd 2023

There are three main steps to cleaning your motorcycle windshield or replacement windscreen: removing bugs/debris, gentle cleaning and repairing, and polishing.

First, pre-soak a soft, cotton or microfiber cloth in warm soapy water to loosen the grip of dead bugs and other caked-on road grime (mild dishwashing liquid is best; DO NOT USE CHEMICALS OR PAPER TOWELS!). Let it soak on top of your shield for a while, and then gently scrub the affected areas with a back-and-forth motion, ensuring you're not applying excessive pressure that might scratch the surface. Use bare hands to feel and dislodge any caked dirt or matter. Rinse and repeat a few times, as necessary, then dry with a clean damp chamois.

Then, using a non-abrasive cleaning solution safe for plastics like Novus, gently wipe the entire surface of the windscreen in small, circular motions, making sure to reach all corners and edges. Again, do not use any glass cleaners, window sprays, or anything with bleach, alcohol, ammonia or petroleum, and do not use solvents such as acetone, Benzene, Carbon Tetrachloride, fire extinguisher fluid, paint stripper or lacquer thinner.

Novus is great because it can also be used on chrome and paint, but confirm which one you’re getting. Novus also conditions the shield.

If you’re wondering can you polish a motorcycle windshield, you can with WindVest!

For added brilliance, and to remove light scratches to the acrylic, use a separate, dry cloth to buff the windshield to a brilliant shine. But be absolutely sure that your WindVest is clean and free of dust particles before applying plastic polish.

Circular motions work well to ensure an even and polished finish so channel your inner Cobra Kai and wax-on, wax-off with products like Novus Plastic Polish. You can even use a buffing wheel if you have one. You can also wax it occasionally.

Note: Steer clear of abrasive cleaners, kitchen scouring compounds, or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the surface of your windshield. Never, ever use Windex (or Rain-X!), gas station squeegies, paper towels or other products meant for car windshields or other glass surfaces. The best way to clean your motorcycle windshield is to treat it like a motorcycle windshield and follow the above steps to de-gunk the dead bugs and debris, repair any light scratches and polish the screen’s surface with dedicated cloths.

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