How to measure for what size motorcycle windshield you should get

How to measure for what size motorcycle windshield you should get

Posted by WindVest Motorcycle Windshields Team on Dec 23rd 2023

With so many different height and width options for each bike, one of the most common questions is “What size motorcycle windshield do I need?” While the answer is more of an art than a science, which first and foremost depends on what kind of motorcycle you ride, there are several additional factors and helpful hints to consider.

First, get on your bike and assume the most comfortable riding position. Looking ahead, you’ll want to measure what we’ll call ‘mustache height’ or the point at which the top of the screen would reach the level of an imaginary line extending from below your nose and above your mouth.

Second, be sure that your handlebars are stock and haven’t been switched out to another size. If this is the case, you’ll want to find out what diameter the new bar is and request a custom kit.

All of our units are either a handle-bar mount or a riser mount configuration; adjustable up or down as well and forward and back to suit the size of the rider cause we want the top of the screen to be out of your view about mouth level. We have a billet-machined aluminum that holds that screen with the stainless fasteners and it’s got rubber mounts and a unique shape, which is effective for long-distance rides.

Overall, measuring for a motorcycle windshield is a personalized process that involves considering your riding posture, preferences, and the type of riding you do. For optimal visibility, we recommend looking over, not through, the windshield, which is why the WindVest windshield is designed to work 3 to 4 inches taller than it is.

If you’re wondering how to cut a motorcycle windshield or can a motorcycle windshield be cut, we highly recommend selecting a brand and style of windshield that is adjustable a few inches in either direction. This is the case for most WindVest windshield units, but replacement screens will remain fixed to securely fasten to the fairings so you might want to grab your measuring tape for this one for a more precise fit.

While the temptation may be to cut down a windshield that is too high or wide, this can compromise the material's integrity, leading to structural weaknesses, reduced impact resistance, and potential safety hazards. Altering the windshield’s height can also disrupt the intended aerodynamics, leading to increased wind buffeting and decreased effectiveness in deflecting wind away from the rider.

Check out our Size Recommendation Guide and learn more about how to know which size motorcycle windshield to get.