What the windshield on a motorcycle is called

What the windshield on a motorcycle is called

Posted by WindVest Motorcycle Windshields Team on Dec 17th 2023

Motorcycle windshield, windscreen, replacement screen, fairing, wind deflector, custom shield unit, windshield for your bike… It can be confusing. Figuring out “what is a motorcycle windshield” can sometimes be a precursor to learning “what does a motorcycle windshield do,” so let’s start there.

If you’ve got a regular cruiser-style bike from brands like Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, Kawasaki, and so on, you’re likely looking at a motorcycle windshield unit that will need to be attached to your bike.

Models like a Harley-Davidson Dyna, Indian Scout or Honda Fury will require the installment of a motorcycle windshield unit, which includes the handlebar clamp kit, crossbar, face plate kit, screws, brackets, and the windscreen itself, which is the hard piece of material doing the actual wind deflection. These are designed to attach to your bike’s handlebars or in some cases, your risers.

For custom bikes, choppers, or bikes which you’ve swapped out the handlebars, we recommend our custom kits, which will mount to your risers and include the properly sized clamp kits, crossbar, faceplates, mounting screws, and screen made of high-impact GE Plexiglas Acrylic based on your height, width, and shade of preference.

If you ride a larger touring bike, like a Harley-Davidson Road Glide, Victory Cross Country or Indian Chieftain, you likely already have a windscreen or screen attached to your fairing, which is the entire front end of your bike including its nose and sides, and will only need a replacement windscreen. These can come in many shapes, sizes and colors as well, but the base needs to line up exactly with where the original screen was to securely fasten to your fairing. For this, you will use OEM screws and do not need the additional mounting materials.