Why you need a motorcycle windshield

Why you need a motorcycle windshield

Posted by WindVest Motorcycle Windshields Team on Dec 17th 2023

Do windshields help on motorcycles? 

Absolutely. Many people wonder if motorcycle windshields make a difference, and the answer largely depends on the type of windshield you’re considering and the brand you’re buying from. The days of tall, floppy, and cloudy hunks of plastic ruining your view, detracting from your style and easily chipping are over, but there are a few general benefits to all windshields no matter which one you choose including protection from debris and the elements, reduced rider fatigue and improved sound and performance.

If you’re wondering how does a motorcycle windshield help, here are the top reasons to get a motorcycle windshield:

Motorcycle windshield benefits:


One of the primary benefits of a motorcycle windshield is protection from wind, bugs, inclement weather, and debris. Motorcyclists are exposed to the elements and are more vulnerable to dangerous objects or conditions that do not affect cagers. A windshield provides a protective barrier, keeping riders drier during unexpected showers and shielding them from rocks, insects, random litter and other road grime. This not only enhances comfort but also contributes to safer riding.

Reduced Fatigue:

Riding at high speeds exposes riders to strong wind currents, which can be physically taxing. Long rides can be exhausting, especially when battling against a crosswind. A windshield acts as a barrier, reducing wind resistance and helping riders maintain a more comfortable riding position. Windshields contribute to reducing muscle and rider fatigue by minimizing the impact of wind on the body. This allows riders to stay focused and enjoy extended rides without feeling overly tired or tense and have more energy to party, explore, set up camp, or just take in the view once you reach your destination!

Improved Sound and Performance:

Loud pipes may save lives but the constant blast and pressure of the wind during extended rides can damage your hearing in the long term. Not to mention the reduction in the quality of your music! Hear your bike, your tunes, other vehicles on the road, and your passenger better (this last one is optional ;) while reducing the wind noise around you with a windshield aerodynamically designed to pull the wind up and over you for a smoother ride with less buffeting and friction, which also improves fuel efficiency!

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